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While Texarkana, Arkansas, offers a wide range of attractions and activities, one thing is unsurpassed: hospitality. Many restaurants on the Arkansas side of Texarksana are independent and run by them, which provides a truly unique dining experience. According to Tripadvisor travelers, one of the best outdoor activities in Texarkana is being part of the "most popular activities as a child in Texas" with children. In addition to these outdoor offerings, Texas and Arkansas have many unique attractions, including the 1933 Tex Starkana Federal Courthouse in the city center, located across the state line from Tex in Texas, and the Texas State Fairgrounds, the largest in the country.

In 1933, the building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places before being fully restored by the city of Texarkana, Texas, in 1979-80. The building is located in a historic district that requires special laws, which created the first federal courthouse in Texas and one of the oldest in the state of Texas.

Texas A & M University hotels see kids - friendly things to do in Texarkana on Tripadvisor. Miller County is located on the Arkansas side, and the area with over 10,000 residents includes the cities of Fort Worth, El Paso, Corpus Christi, Houston, Fort Bend, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston. See all outdoor activities in Texas and all Texan attractions on Traveler's Guide.be south of Louisiana, see outdoor activities in Texans and find a list of children's preferences and activities in Houston and Texas on tripadvisors at Hotel Texas, A.M. and the University.

Another attraction that continues to be a lot of fun in the region is the Holiday Springs Water Park, located on the Arkansas side. Other tourist attractions in Texarkana, Texas include Texas A & M University, the University of Texas at Austin and the Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau. The Arkansas side of Texarksana also hosts Petsafe and JefFURson Dog Park, which has shaded areas for dogs and cats as well as a petting zoo and dog park.

Bring your family and friends to Bill Ferguson Park, where you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including picnics, hiking, biking, swimming and fishing. There is a large playground for children as well as a picnic area, and the Central Mall, located on the Arkansas side of Texarkana, just a few blocks from the park, offers a wide range of shopping and entertainment options for adults and children. Bring your family and friends to Ferguson Park, where they can enjoy a playground, picnic areas, water slides and other fun activities.

There is a large playground for children as well as a picnic area and the Central Mall, located on the Arkansas side of Texarkana, just a few blocks from the park.

Over the years, a number of tourists have chosen to tour Texarkana to enjoy all the impressive and attractive sights in Texarksana. The Four States Auto Museum is one of those sites that are certainly worth a visit if you are in Texarkanas. If you have a car enthusiast at your party, you should include him in your visit to TexARKANA. If you're planning a tour of Tex., make sure you get one for the best experience ever.

Texarkana, Arkansas, has several parks and recreational areas, including Bobby Ferguson Park, which includes a fishing area with a pier. If you are looking for a way to explore the surrounding natural landscape and your idea of a pleasant day outdoors lies on the fairways and lakes,

Draughon - Moore Ace Clubs House is a historical museum in the city of Texarkana and is one of the properties on the National Register of Historic Places. While there are great places to see across the state line, there is also one for good sightseeing in Texas, whether it's at the Texas State Fairgrounds or Arkansas State Park. One of these structures is the Draugh on Moore's Ace House, another with the most visited attractions inTexarcana.

Photographer's Island, which marks the border between Texas and Arkansas, offers props and poses between the two states. The "Island of Photographers" at the Texas State Fairgrounds in Texarkana and in Arkansas State Park.

There's also a tiny roadside attraction that allows you to visit Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana at the same time. Texarkana is unique in that it spans both Texas and Arkansas, but the Texas city is known to have twin cities right on the Arkansas border. In fact, the name of the town is a nod to Louisiana, which is less than an hour's drive south. Arkansas Great Southwest's promotion of Texarksana urges people to write their own personal history by crossing the state line.

Texarkana, Arkansas, is also home to the Four States Auto Museum, which houses a rotating exhibit of vehicles representing several decades of automotive production. The Four States Auto Museum shows more than 15 cars that have been lovingly and almost original restored.

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