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Greater Texarkana is located in the western part of the state of Texas, north of Houston and south of Dallas. The magazine has located it as a "nice place" in Texas and Arkansas since the mid-1990s, and it is one of a handful of cities with more than 100,000 residents.

Texarkana Union Station is located west of the city, south of Interstate 35, and continues to be located at the intersection of US 31 and San Antonio Road. It is also close to Amtrak's Texas Eagle, which operates services to San Angelo, Fort Worth, Houston, Dallas, Austin and Houston.

Also on the Arkansas side is the Texarkana Airframe and Powerplant School, operated by Southern Arkansas University. East Texas State University began offering courses in 1971, initially as an institution that later became Texas A & M University - Texarksana. Hope for Texas and Texas - Arkansas - Hope of Texans (UAHT), based in Tex., opened its first college education center in 2012. In 2015, the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), the state's largest public university, began offering bachelor's degrees on the Texas Tech University campus in Houston and a master's degree in aerospace engineering on the Texas campus, as well as a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and computer science, both offered through the UA HT TXU campus.

In 1983, the official name was shortened to Texas - Arkansas - Hope of Texans, which is still used today. In the same year, Little River County was removed from the MSA, and what was then called Texas A & M - Texarksana Metropolitan Statistical Area, or TASA, consisted of the cities of Texarkana, Fort Worth, Houston, El Paso, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin and Little Rock.

Five of Bowie County's seven cities are now dry, but in 2006 Texarkana, Fort Worth, Houston, El Paso, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin and Little Rock voted to allow the sale of alcohol in restaurants. Although the city has historically been Democratic, in recent years Republicans in the Texas House of Representatives have been represented by Republicans and Democrats by Democrats.

Texas does not collect income tax, but residents of Texarkana and Arkansas are exempt from Arkansas income tax because they must file a tax return and apply for the exemption. In 2006, the Arkansas Legislature in Little Rock issued an exception to ensure that not everyone packs their bags and moves to Texas to avoid the tax.

Little was achieved as the Texas and Arkansas sides of Texarkana argued over where to locate businesses. The two cities decided a long time ago that they would rather have only one chamber of commerce than two, in order to promote their preferred location for business. Until Congressman John Morris Sheppard obtained a postal order that officially changed the name to "Texarkanas Arkansas Texas," the post office was known as "Texas - Arkansas." In fact, Texarksana's post offices sided with Arkansas until Texas residents requested one of their own.

The airport authority has eight members and acts as the city's main economic development agency and airport authority. Mayor Bramlett says he will try to attract small businesses that want to settle on the Arkansas side because many of the new families will live not only in Texarkana, Texas, but also on the Texas side, because they will spend money. The major roads that lead from New Orleans and Houston to Canada via Texarksana are making cities ripe for growth. Redi will work on concrete projects, attract and retain businesses to and from the TexARKana region.

It is fitting that an African-American - oriented - tour of Texas should begin with Texarkana, which has been described as its gateway to the Southwest. We made a short stop in Weatherford to visit the city's Greenwood Cemetery, and then on the way back to Texarksana we stopped in Fort Worth.

The historic federal courthouse and post office are located in one half of Arkansas and the other half of Texas, and the Texas State Capitol in the other half of Texas.

Texarkana is a city in the state of Texas bordering the states of Arkansas, Texas and New Mexico and the cities of Fort Worth, Houston, Dallas, Austin and Fort Bend. On the Texas side, there are about 37,000 people, in Arkansas about 2,500. It is named after the city of the same name, which borders Texas on both sides of the border, and the city of Austin.

The population of the area is 101,198, and this year the population of the entire metropolitan area is the same as that of Fort Worth, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Fort Bend, San Antonio and Austin - San Marcos.

Texarkana has 52,179 residents, with 30,497 living on the Texas side and the city of Arkansas, with 3,528 residents, was in 1890. City officials, REDI and Texarksana residents agree that the division between Texas and Arkansas in the past was a reason for the lack of economic development.

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More About Texarkana