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Every time my uncle And I would visit him here in Dallas, he always wanted to go to Guy's for chili dogs. Although I liked Texas burgers, I liked their chili dog a lot, and so did many other customers. One thing I have is the memory of some of the best food the restaurant once served, and which I still miss today.

Guy's was their homemade orange flavored drink, topped with a cup of peanuts, and it wasn't just any peanut, it was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. These two tasted so good because you had to eat the peanuts from the cup instead of putting them in the drink, which many people did.

Guy's became one of the largest burgers made in Texarkana at the time, and probably the most popular burger in town.

If you grew up in Texarkana like me, you will remember several restaurants that no longer exist, but have been a pillar of the community over the years and were one of my parents "favorite places when I was growing up. The original Guy's was located on 7th Street in downtown Texarksana and proved to be a great place for families to bring their children and friends for a quick lunch or dinner. Guy's, which closed its downtown doors a few years ago, opened several times in recent years at a new location on South Main Street before closing for good.

Sometimes, with a smile, you go to the parking lot and imagine the great smell that is in the air and retreat to the front door.

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More About Texarkana